Eastern Sierra Adventure 2024

OLLI Outdoors Eastern Sierra Adventure September 10-12, 2024

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you want to experience a different area of the Sierras? Do you want to get to know your fellow OLLI members? Have you always wondered what it would be like to participate in an OLLI Outdoor event? If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding YES! then get ready to head to the June Lake/Mammoth Lakes area.

Whether this is the first or the hundredth time you’ve visited the area, June Lake/Mammoth Lakes has a lot to offer, and OLLI Outdoors has exciting wide-range activities that will be sure to interest you.

  • When: Tuesday September 10 through Thursday September 12, 2024
  • Planned Events: Event specifics are in process and as the details are firmed up, they will be announced on this page.
    • Tuesday, September 10: No-host gathering in late afternoon/early evening (TBD)
    • Wednesday, September 11: Cycling, Long Hike. Walkers and a Moderate Hike
    • Thursday, September 12: Kayaking, traditional Thursday Hike and Light Hike
  • Who Can Attend: The event is open to all OLLI members.
  • Transportation: Attendees are responsible for their own transportation including to and from events.
  • Lodging and Meals: Participants are responsible for securing their own lodging and meals at their own expense. Although there are a wide variety of lodging options in the June Lake/Mammoth Lakes area, attendees are urged to arrange for lodging at their earliest convenience. Participants are responsible for any cancellation or other fees.
  • Guest Policy: OLLI members are permitted to bring guests and adult guests can participate in the organized OLLI Outdoors events. All participants in the organized OLLI Outdoors activities (including guests) are required to submit a completed and current OLLI Liability Waiver form. Advance registration is encouraged. In keeping with OLLI Outdoor Policy, dogs and other pets are not permitted at walking and hiking events. As always, the OLLI Outdoors event(s) starts at the beginning of the actual activity and terminates at the end of the event(s). Please note, activities such as transportation, shared meals, sightseeing, lodging and alike are not part of the official OLLI Outdoors program and as such an OLLI Liability Waiver is not required for those types of activities.
  • Participation Policy: Attendees are expected to be aware of the specific requirements for their desired events. For more information visit the specific activity description on the OLLI Outdoor website. All members and their guests should register for the desired event(s) on the events calendar after the details are established.

Whether you participate in multiple events or only one, the June Lake/Mammoth Lakes area has something for everyone. The activities are structured to leave plenty of time for attendees to pursue other activities be it sightseeing, fishing, shopping, or any other activity on their own. For more information, on what the area has to offer, visit June Lake and Visit Mammoth.

See you in the Eastern Sierra!