About the Long Distance Hikers

Mondays during the late spring and summer months  (weather permitting)

Facilitators: Harry Barnett, Bill Hartglass, Rebecca Hartglass, Nancy Meredith, Naomi Silvergleid
* OLLI LONG DISTANCE HIKERS  will explore our mountains.. Meeting times and places will vary. Hikes will be posted as soon as practicable in the calendar.
* Each hike leader has the option of limiting the number of the hikers. There are restrictions on the number of hikers on one permit  for hikes that require a permit. If there is a limitation it will be noted in the hike write-up.
* Hikes typically  will be 8-16 miles in total length and  the altitude gain will generally  be between 1500 and 3500 ft. Most will have some difficult and strenuous sections with significant elevation changes. Some scrambling may be required. The pace will be consistent but not punishing. Organized breaks will typically be limited to a lunch break and two short snack breaks. Most hikes will take from five to  eight hours, depending upon distance and difficulty, plus transit time. Some trailheads may be a couple of hours drive from Reno.
* Participants should be in very good physical condition and able to maintain a sustained pace of  2-2.5 miles per hour uphill and 3 miles per hour on the level portions of the  trails. If you question your conditioning, stamina and/or abilities, try the Thursday OLLI Hikers first.
* Hikers should wear comfortable and durable hiking boots or trail runners with good lug soles. Hiking poles are strongly suggested. Additionally, dress in layers,  and carry rain gear even if the weather in Reno is clear. Bring at least 2-3 liters of water. Carry a full lunch, plenty of snacks, electrolyte replacements, sun screen and lip balm, extra socks, and your own personal first aid kit with blister treatment if you are so prone.

Liability Waiver forms  are necessary to participate and will be available at the  event for  guests   who have not yet signed one.