Walker Photos

TR from Crissie Caughlin Park 4-5-23

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Bartley Ranch & Lunch 11-19-18

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Horseman's Park to Steamboat Ditch Trail, 10-29-18

A walk from Horseman's Park to Steamboat Ditch Trail followed by a chili feed at the Whiting's new home.

Click THIS LINK to view photos and a video (the 2nd Halloween photo) taken by Iris.

Note from Iris: "As usual, if you view on a mobile device please get the google Photos app and the pictures will be full screen and swipeable.  A PC should work OK and is best using 'slideshow' from the 3dot menu."

Keystone Canyon, 10-8-18

Click HERE to view photos taken by Jo.

Steamboat Creek / V&T Gorge, 9-24-18

This walk followed the headwaters of Steamboat Creek from its outlet at Little Washoe Lake through a gorge to Pleasant Valley.  It was part of the course taken by the Virginia and Truckee Railroad between Carson City and Reno until 1950.

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Railroad Tunnel Walk, 9-17-18

A walk along the abandoned Central Pacific rail bed and a history lesson about the railroad.

Lower Coldstream Canyon Loop 6-25-18

To View Photos by Molly Beucus, click  HERE

Double Diamond Wetlands 5-21-18


The Walk/Light Hike was CANCELED via email (MailChimp) due to rain. Eleven (11)walkers showed up at the trailhead. It was not raining very hard and ten (10) decided to do the walk. Six (6) hiked 3 miles, one (1) hiked 4 miles and three (3) hiked 5 miles.

Lower Galena Creek Trail 5-14-2018

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There were 13 walkers. Distance was 4 miles.

Huffaker Park Lookout 4-30-2018

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Golden Eagle-Pah Rah Apr 23 2018

There were 29 hikers. Distance was 3.6 miles. Planned and led by Toni Chaucer.

Crissie Caughlin Park 11-13-17

Final walk of 2017.  Olli Walks will resume in the Spring.

To view photos by Iris, click HERE.

Bartley Ranch Regional Park 10-30-17

A 3.5 mile walk from the old school house at Bartley Ranch Regional Park onto the Anderson Park Loop, passing by the Hawkins Amphitheater and Interpretive Center on the return.

To view photos by Iris, click HERE.

McCarran Ranch 10-23-17

A four mile walk out and back.

To view photos by Iris, click HERE.

Mayberry Park to Dorostkar Park 10-16-17

Out and back walk from Mayberry Park along the Truckee River for a total of 3 ½ miles.

To view photos by Iris, click HERE.

Evans Creek Canyon 10-9-17

Up Evans Creek Canyon for about two miles, with a short detour to the Basque Monument, and return back for a total walk of 4 miles.

To view a photo by Iris, click HERE.

Downtown Reno Sculpture Walk 8-14-2017

3.5 mile walk on the sidewalks of downtown Reno.  Along the river and past the Sculpture Garden in Bicentennial Park, onto the new Space Whale Sculpture in the Downtown City Plaza, then the Playa Art Park before returning back to Idlewild Park.

Huffaker Hills 5-22-17

To view photo by Jo click HERE.


Galena Creek:  3 photos & a 50 second video.


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28 Walkers did either one lap (2 miles) or two around the marina, it's lagoon & inside Legends.

Ballardini Ranch 11-05-18

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Contact Bob at brapp70@sbcglobal.net by Tuesday night to upload pictures.