All apple devices need to update their operating system ASAP. A security breach allows for a third party, hacker, to take over your devices and essentially be you.

Don’t rely on your auto update function, none of my 5 devices updated. I needed to manually request an update to 15.6.1 on iPads and iPhones. If running the Monterey operating system on your computer, that needs an update also.

Short cuts on your iPhone, by Anne Benoit

Decades ago I created my first email account. Not realizing that I would need to type my long and complicated email address many times daily, multiplied by many decades, the ability to create an abbreviation that would then signal my keyboard to type out the long address was an appealing idea.
Ready to try setting up a short cut?
On your Mac computer select System preferences, (under the Apple logo, far left) then select keyboard. Click on the Text function, just to the right of Keyboard and hit the + sign just at the bottom left to signal your computer your ready to set up short cuts. Now type in your desired abbreviation and then type in the phrase or word you want the keyboard to type for you..
Make sure your abbreviation isn’t actually a word, because that would trigger the short cut response when you may not want it. My short cut is qw and that triggers my email address. To my knowledge no English words begin with qw hence my short cut choice.
Once you’ve set up short cuts on your computer it will also work on your iPhone.
Sorry to miss Tech help tomorrow, but I can be reached by email for any iPhone questions.