Mutations, It’s not your imagination

For you iPhone users I’m sure you’ve experienced that your phone responds differently every time you update. Updates are necessary to fix glitches, and most importantly patch possible vulnerabilities that hackers have exposed.. So the only constant in the computer world is change.

Buttons, those sometimes hidden features, compressed so they will fit on your palm size phone, may be tapped, held, dragged or flipped to activate. And since there’s no user manual that tells us what works, within each application, most of these features just need to be explored. Open the default Mail application and if you pull down on the top right your control panel opens. At the bottom, an almost hidden bar, if pushed up, reveals all the open applications on your iPhone. Touch the bottom left corner and your email is filtered by read/not read. Tap on the address of an email and it takes you to contacts. Should you wish to save a sent photo, try holding down on the picture and several option will appear. Pull down on an address, and your map application open to show you the way….

Try these options when you’re not in a hurry, and repeat the process several times to help imbed the new techniques in your memory. Since every app is different, and they all have hidden buttons, don’t stress over the new ways of communicating because there’s always more then one way to get where you want to go. More next time on how to set up preferences so you don’t have to type your email and phone number every time you email or fill in a form on line.

-Posted by Anne Benoit

Apple products need update NOW

A serious security breach for most all apple products from the iPhone 6 and newer, iPads, computers etc. needs to be completed ASAP. The security breach allows a third party (hacker) to take over the operation of your devise and essentially be you.

Don’t depend on your automatic update function to accomplish this task. None of my 5 devices, all on auto update did.