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Thu TH Fay-Luther Wedge Pkwy Starbucks Parking Lot (08:00 AM)

Fay-Luther TH (09:00 AM)

Same as Above (01:30 PM)
Along the trail we will see an Emigrant Marker where in 1850 45,000 to 65,000 passed on there way to California. The Pony Express and Snowshoe Thompson also traveled through this area. We will have beautiful views of Carson Valley! The trail is mostly sandy with a moderate elevation gain.
Mon LH Golden Eagle Regional Park No Ride Share

Pah Rah Interpretive Trail TH (09:30 AM)

Same as Above (12:00 PM)
4.0, 2.0
This loop hike will begin at the Interpretive Trail head, but instead of going onto the dirt towards the Pah Rah Range it will take us through the Wingfield Springs area including the designated wetlands. We will meander through the various open areas and neighborhoods. We will be on paved and dirt paths.

* W=Walk; S=Snowshoe; K=Kayak; LD=Long Distance Hike; TH=Thursday Hike; LH=Light Hike; MC=Moderate Cycle; LC=Light Cycle; MH=Moderate Hike

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